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What are the types of grease guns and the fields of application.

Posted by Admin | 30 Jun
1. Pneumatic grease gun
The working principle of the grease gun is roughly the same. The main difference between different grease gun classifications is the power source. The pneumatic grease gun is suitable for use in the lubrication system and the complete set of grease diversion equipment. It is suitable for high-viscosity grease, working in cold areas. It can also be equipped with a mobile trolley, a hose and an oil gun to form a mobile electric lubricating device, which is specially used for low lubrication frequency, few lubrication points, large oil supply and inconvenient to use centralized lubrication stand-alone equipment for mobile lubricating oil. Widely used in Mines, ports, power plants, production workshops, etc.
2. Pedal grease gun
The operating mechanism of the pedal butter machine is ergonomically designed, compact in size and reasonable in design. Safe and reliable work, light and labor-saving, easy to move, this product is suitable for filling lubricating grease in metallurgy, port, automobile, construction machinery and various places without air source.
3. Electric grease gun
The electric grease gun does not need compressed air, and directly uses 220V/380V power supply as the power source. It is easy to use, fast, and energy-saving. Its advantages are low noise, stable working pressure, high production efficiency and low labor intensity. Using precision pressure relay control circuit, grease gun switch, the motor is also powered off to protect the motor and seals, and the output pressure can be adjusted according to your needs. It is suitable for many lubricating points, wide distribution range, plunger pump head pressure regulating valve, stable and reliable operation, convenient displacement derivation, compact structure, low vibration and low noise. Automatic operation can be realized with the corresponding electric control box.
4. Manual grease gun
The manual grease gun uses a pressure rod type grease gun to inject grease into the lubrication part of the beam pumping unit. It is characterized by light and simple equipment and easy to use. The disadvantage is that workers are labor-intensive and easily fatigued, which seriously affects work efficiency.