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Precautions for the use of pneumatic butter machine.

Posted by Admin | 09 Aug
With the rising status of lubricating grease in the machinery industry, the pneumatic butter machine has received extensive attention and application. In the daily use process, we often find that due to improper operation, the oil injection effect will be unsatisfactory. In order to ensure the normal and orderly operation of the butter machine, the following will introduce the matters needing attention when using the butter machine: Compressed air should be filtered to prevent dirt from entering the air pump and wear the air distribution slider and cylinder parts. It is strictly forbidden to use flammable gas as power. The compressed air force should not exceed 0.8Mpa to avoid overloading the equipment and affecting the service life of the high-pressure pipe. High pressure like a rubber hose, it is not allowed to bend strongly and drag the ground during use, and heavy rolling will affect the service life. When the butter machine is working and resting, the air quick-change joint should be removed, and the oil gun should be buckled to reduce the oil pressure in the equipment to avoid long-term pressure on the high-pressure rubber hose.
The air pump part needs to be lubricated regularly. In the process of disassembly, repair and assembly, attention must be paid to the accuracy of the folded parts, and do not touch the hair or crush them. Do not reciprocate with no load for a long time to avoid dry friction and affect the service life. Cleaning and maintenance work should be done at ordinary times. The entire oil passage system should be cleaned within a certain period of time, the oil nozzle should be folded off the oil injection gun, and the clean oil should be recirculated several times to flush out the dirt in the pipe.